Siltceptor Single Stage Interceptor 4400 Litre Unit 160mm Pipework

£1,551.00 (Exc. VAT) | £1,861.20 (Inc. VAT)

Siltceptor Single Stage Interceptor.

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The silt sentry is a ‘super’ heavy duty cylindrical silt trap that can be installed in any washdown facility. With similar silt storage as most GRP (glass reinforced plastic) silt traps on the market.
However, the GRP units only offer 5 tonne or maximum 10-tonne wheel load gratings.

Whereas the Silt Sentry has a D400 (40 tonne wheel load) grating fitted as standard. So as well as car wash facilities it is ideal for installation into commercial vehicle wash facilities including truck and bus wash. For very large areas multiple Silt Sentrys can be connected or one of our larger volume Siltceptors can be used.

Features & Design:

Designed in accordance to PPG13 & PPG3

Available as open grating traps and single stage interceptors

Designed for both jet wash and brush wash applications

Low Profile

Minimal granular surround installation

Huge savings on overall installation

Corrosion Free – 50 year plus life expectancy

Full accessibility for maintenance

Designed and manufactured totally in the UK

The Product comes with 160mm pipework as standard. Covers not included


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