Rainstore Domestic System – Indirect Header Tank

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Rainstore Rainwater Harvesting Systems overview Rainwater is captured from the specific roof areas and directed via designed drainage to a Rainstore tank (usually underground). The incoming rainwater is filtered before entry to the tank. A highly efficient and reliable submersible pump then can deliver the water to a service on demand. Depending on the application a secondary tank (header tank) can be used to gravity feed the water to the point of use. The size of the storage tank is determined by considering the amount of water available for storage. This is determined by the size of the roof area and the local average rainfall and the amount of water likely to be used (a function of buildings occupancy and function). It is very important not to over-size the rainwater tank. An over-sized tank may result in a lower than expected quality of waste.



Features & Design

● 1700 to 10000 litre systems available
● Low profile/Heavy Duty’ tank bodies
● Minimal granular surround installation
● Huge savings on overall installation against other systems
● Corrosion Free – 50 year plus life expectancy
● High-performance Integral Filter for filtration of rainwater
● High-performance ‘intelligent ’ pump fitted as standard
● Automatic water level float switch attached to pump
● Stainless steel lifting chains to pump for ease of maintenance
● Highly efficient ‘Mains Top Up’ system
● 625 mm lockable access cover as standard
● Calming Inlet at base of filter outlet pipe to prevent sediment flushing
● Overflow pipe with vermin grid as standard
● Full accessibility to all parts for maintenance

Additional information

Product Options

1700 litre system, 2500 litre system, 3300 litre system, 4400 litre system, 5200 litre system, 6800 litre system, 8400 litre system, 10000 litre system