Access Cover – For Silt Sentinel 300 Series – Square to round lockable (Pedestrian Duty)

£22.99 (Exc. VAT) | £27.59 (Inc. VAT)

SILT SENTINEL 300 series Access CoverĀ 

  • Square to round lockable (Pedestrian
  • Fits 300 series units



Silt Sentinel Catchpit – 300 Series

Designed specifically for siting upstream of smaller modular/crate type attenuation systems


How it works : Storm water enters the unit and the silt and solids in the flow will drop into the filter basket and initially settle inside, once full the excess rainwater will overflow into the main chamber and any lighter silt and sand will settle at the base of the trap and then cleaner separated water discharges from the outlet pipe into the attenuation system, supporting a more sustainable installation. If fitted the filter basket is simply removed for emptying/cleaning.