300mm ø Adoptable and Non-Adoptable/Non-man Entry Inspection Chambers – Twinwall

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  • 300mm ø Adoptable and Non-Adoptable non-man entry inspection chambers
  • For Twinwall Pipe Systems
  • Blue Range 300 Series 



accesso BLUERANGE are 600mm internal diameter- single piece inspection chambers and catchpits, designed
for non-man entry access. Available in depths of up to 3 metres for use in adoptable applications and 6 metres for
use in non-adoptable applications, in accordance to Sewers for Adoption 7th Edition (SfA7) .

The connections on the BLUERANGE chambers are compatible with all U.K. twinwall pipe systems and are
designed specifically for use in surface water applications. If required, however, they can also be adapted to suit
other pipe systems.

Manufactured using a high strength plastic twinwall structure, all accesso chambers are strong and extremely robust and can be installed in minimum granular surround or suitable ‘as dug’ material. They are fully watertight chambers, so preventing the pollution from aggressive soils and leachete from polluted land. The installation of the accesso chambers is far easier than installing concrete ring or other preformed access chambers, offering a significant saving of at least 50% on overall installation cost, typically versus concrete chambers, which require a larger excavation, heavier plant and increased labour cost, which significantly increases time and subsequently on site costs.

Single piece units and access shafts up to 3 metres can be installed easily by two persons.
Compatible with all


  • Single piece 600mm fully sealed chambers to 6 metres
  • 150mm to 375mm pipework connections available
  • Compatible with all U.K. twinwall pipe systems
  • No need for expensive adaptors, as direct fit to twinwall pipe
  • Extremely robust and relatively lightweight
  • Simple and quick to install
  • Huge savings on installation versus concrete and brick built chambers
  • No construction or wet trades required
  • Granular backfill
  • Chemical & corrosion resistant
  • Recyclable
  • Compliant with EN 13598-2



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Straight benched channel inspection chamber for 150mm twinwall pipework. 1 metre invert, Straight benched channel inspection chamber for 150mm twinwall pipework. 2 metre invert